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Episode 6: “Go Stand in Your Corner” — The Blair Witch Project

Shanyce and Will are back with an all-new arc: FOUND FOOTAGE! Things get creepy as they find themselves back in the woods with THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999, dir....

Episode 5: “Not Another Teen Movie” — Sleepaway Camp

To conclude our Cabins arc, we go through the cult status movie SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983, dir. Robert Hiltzik). Over the years, this movie has become a lot more controversial...

Episode 4: “Let’s Get This Party Started” — Cabin in the Woods

Things get meta with this week’s movie, Drew Godard’s 2011 directorial debut CABIN IN THE WOODS. Shanyce and Will talk through why this movie is so unique as a meta-horror...

Episode 3: “PANCAKES” — Cabin Fever

I hope you have stocked up on some beer because there is definitely something in the water! Shanyce and Will are back with another movie in their CABINS arc and this time...

Episode 2: “Sound of Evil” — Evil Dead

We’re off to a different cabin and this time there are deadites! Join Shanyce and Will for a wacky and out of this world conversation about Evil Dead. Listen...

Episode 1: “A Chill Horny Time” — Friday the 13th

Minus the murder, Friday the 13th is a chill horny time. Join Shanyce and Will for the very first episode of Jump Scare! Listen to find out who wins...

The Survivors

AKA Your Hosts

Shanyce Lora

Show Host

Shanyce Lora is a horror movie fanatic. You know the person who always knows too much about the plot of the movie they’re in? That’s her. She is a comic book lover, a gamer and a digital marketing specialist. When she’s not recoding Jump Scare you can find her yelling about Bubbly Slytherin energy on Twitter or obsessing about Westworld on Reddit. She lives on the internet with all the cats.  

Will Redden

Show Host

Will Redden is a Ravenclaw who is psyched that Mischief Management is letting him sit with them. He is passionate about stories and how we tell them. Will lives in Brooklyn with Melissa and their pasta pup, George.

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Welcome to Jump Scare: the podcast that sees it coming! Every Thursday, join hosts Shanyce Lora and Will Redden as they break down a new horror movie with their extensive knowledge of horror history and the fundamentals of filmmaking. Jump Scare loves all horror equally: from Hitchcock thrillers to contemporary folk horror to classic horror reboots, we don’t run from any of them.