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Episode 2: “Sound of Evil” — Evil Dead

We’re off to a different cabin and this time there are deadites! Join Shanyce and Will for a wacky and out of this world conversation about Evil Dead. Listen to find out who wins the Dumbest Decision Award (surprise: it’s not Ash), and why the camera work is iconic! Let’s continue to hack our way...

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Episode 1: “A Chill Horny Time” — Friday the 13th

Minus the murder, Friday the 13th is a chill horny time. Join Shanyce and Will for the very first episode of Jump Scare! Listen to find out who wins the Dumbest Decision award, what moments are the most iconic and why the body count is at a 10 (spoiler: yes, that was a real snake!)...

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Jump Scare: Coming Soon!

There’s a new podcast scratching at your window…   Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for some spooky updates!

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