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This week we’re tackling the rage inside of us with 28 DAYS LATER (2002, dir. Danny Boyle) as we continue our VIRAL arc! Shanyce and Will get truly introspective just as writer Alex Garland intended and question the nature of their rage and zombies.  Follow Jump Scare on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Email us at...

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Episode 13: “Just leave town, shock jock”— Pontypool

This week we’re trying to make sense of PONTYPOOL (2009, dir. Bruce McDonald) as we close out our VIRAL arc! Shanyce and Will dive into this bizarre Canadian horror movie that is light on the gore but heavy on the existential crisis!  Follow Jump Scare on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Email us at JumpScarePod@gmail.com to...

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Episode 14: “Reality TV but make it a movie”— FANTASY ISLAND

Open your ears and hearts to the first episode of our Blumhouse horror movie arc: FANTASY ISLAND (2019, dir. Jeff Wadlow). Strap on your life jackets and try to make it off the island safely as Shanyce and Will sink their teeth into this movie! Things get too real as they discuss how it took...

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